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Laciôté – Sweet and Cool Passion

Cool, sweet, then melting, leaving a refreshing aftertaste in the palate, ice cream is a symbol of typical satisfaction in the culinary arts of the world.

From ice cream sticks, ice cream cones, or “nostalgic street ice cream” to new variations of today’s ice cream, people eat ice cream not only to satisfy their taste buds, but also to arouse new their positive feelings.


Laciôté, with the above purpose, is not to create a complicated dessert, but to create a positive, special and inspirational feeling to each customer. You can find out about childhood ice cream flavors, or experience new and fantastic ice cream flavors at Laciôté's unique ice cream world.

We understand that delicious ice cream can only originate from the purest ingredients, and the love of the ice cream maker 's career. Fresh fruit is grown according to clean standards combined with the rigor of each production step to help keep the original flavor, sweet, and taste.

Ice cream also become a symbol of sharing joy and happiness. We always work with a burning passion and are proud of conveying your sweet messages to your family and friends.

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