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Mint Chocolate Ice cream - A Little Cool from Mint Leaves


The combination of mint and chocolate is truly a creative, satisfying and wonderful classic. The cool taste of mint is balanced by the bitter taste of chocolate and the fatty taste of butter and milk.



Natural mint ice cream made from fresh mint leaves is not green, or turquoise, but very light green naturally. The green color of the leaves, after being processed and cooked with the right temperature and time, is naturally and completely absorbed into the ice cream. Each piece of pure chocolate chopped just enough and mixed  increase the interesting part of this ice cream.



Laciôté would like to introduce a collection of Chocochip Mint ice cream made from fresh mint leaves and pure chocolate, with two versions of 450ml box and a super handy small box with wooden spoon.

Customers can try the ice cream for free at Laciôté's points of sale.

Products of Laciote Vietnam.



Call center: 0899179319

Zalo: 0938906019

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