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Special gifts on Tet occation



Every Tet comes, everyone wants to make or choose meaningful gifts by themselves, to give their loved ones to imply their words, to express gratitude to those who have guided them in life. or simply show a sincere heart to friends and colleagues.

That Tet feeling is so simple but meaningful.

A gift bag is both meaningful, cute, and brings excitement when welcoming guests, children and grandchildren to reunite.

Laciôté would like to introduce 2 sets of Tet gift bags:

- “TET SUM VẦY”: 4 flavors 450ml boxes: Strawberry (red) - good luck all year; Matcha (green) - New Year's bud; Mango (gold) - fortune comes home and Chocolate (brown) – Prosperity and 01 bag of 30 waffles. Price 596K.

- “TET AN KHANG”: 2 boxes of 450ml, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors, 01 bag of 12 waffles. Price: 298,000vnd


Special offer for orders from 03 sets or more.

Please inbox fb / zalo or call 0899179319 for more details.

Products of Laciote Vietnam.



Add: 69 Street 3, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Call center: 0899 179 319

Zalo: 0938 906 019

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