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Berries Family - Colourful and high - class Fruit


“Fresh, succulent, colorful and classy” are probably the most suitable words to describe berry fruits. Some are bright red fruits like strawberries or raspberries, some are enchanting dark red fruits like red currants or dark blue like blueberries and some are aristocratic yellow like golden berries. Most of the berries own mild sour tastes but significant differences.



Laciôté's sorbets are made from fresh or imported fresh fruit frozen by IQF technology and have no dairy in the ingredients to keep the original flavor of fruits.

- Fresh Strawberry Sorbet

- Sorbet Fresh raspberries

- Fresh Sorbet Mixberry, including a variety of fresh berries.



Laciôté would like to introduce a collection of colorful berry sorbet flavors with two versions of 450ml and 110ml boxes with small wooden spoons.

Customers can try free ice cream at our shops. Please refer to other ice cream flavors and prices at:

Products of Laciôté, a brand managed by Laciote Vietnam Co.,Ltd.


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