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Ice cream fondue - Not strange but very different in Laciôté


You can find ice cream fondues almost at all ice cream shops. Each shop presents in a different way and with its own features, as long as it is suitable for each of its customers. Some focus on presentation, some concentrate on the amount of ice cream, some reserve a small tray for side dishes such as desiccated coconut, fresh coconut, 7-color nuggets….


Laciôté's ice cream fondue focuses on quality and appearance, including 14 flavors of your choice, fresh seasonal fruits, crispy triangle waffle, chocolate sauce mixed with praliné and orange zest confit. The ice cream tray must be freezed, each ice cream scoop must be arranged harmoniously, the chocolate sauce must be warmed up just enough, the cake must be crispy…. All must be perfect to serve.


The reward usually received to each ice cream fondue is a light clapping, or discreet admiring glances and some nice photos.

Let’s enjoy Laciôté's ice cream fondue and share this chill moment together!

Products of Laciôté, brand managed by Laciote Vietnam Co.,Ltd.




- Floor 6, Van Hanh mall, 12 Sư Vạn Hạnh St. Dist.10,HCMC

- 14 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien Dist., Thu Duc city.

Showroom: 69 Đường sốStreet No. 3, ward 26, Bình Thạnh Dist., HCMC.

Call center: 0899 179 319 | 0938 906 019

Website :




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