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Multi – tasted vanilla ice cream collection: salty – sweet - creamy


Vanilla ice cream is one of Laciôté's first flavours, along with other classic ice cream such as chocolate, coconut, coffee, caramen, rum raisins, ect.


Laciôté would like to introduce vanilla ice cream collection with 3 members with different personalities. Each flavour brings very different and special level of experience.


- Traditional pure vanilla ice cream

- Vanilla macadamia ice cream and jaggery

- Vanilla ice cream with salted butter caramel sauce and pecan nuts.


Macadamia vanilla ice cream is mixed with crispy roasted macadamia nuts,  and fragrant jaggery. Using jaggery, Laciôté wishes to add more characteristics of Vietnamese ingredients besides main ingredients imported.



Many of us have probably tasted the savory caramel with roasted pecans in some dessert in fancy restaurants. The caramel sauce in Laciôté ice cream is quite different, but both fatty and a little salty, not because of the salt, but actually less sugar! A more complicated issue has been entirely solved: the sauce is incorporated into the ice cream texture which retains its smoothness and does not freeze or fiber.



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