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Chocolate Orange – Welcome new flavor in Chocolate collection


Following the very popular chocolate ice cream flavors in the collection such as pure chocolate, praline chocolate, chili chocolate, one more flavor - Chocolate orange ice cream - has been completed and officially launched.

Chocolate orange is a combination of pure chocolate ice cream mixed with orange peel jam made according to a special and elaborate recipe. Each slice of marmalade is soft enough, little cointreau liqueur and the sweet and sour orange flavor mixed in the smooth chocolate ice cream background to create an enjoyable chocolate ice cream experience.


Laciôté would like to introduce the entire Chocolate collection with two box sizes for each taste: 450ml box and 110ml box with super handy spoon.

- Pure chocolate

- Chocolate praline

- Chocolate Chili

- Orange Chocolate

Customers can try free ice cream at our shops. Please refer to other ice cream flavors and prices at

Products of Laciôté, a brand managed by Laciote Vietnam Ltd.

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