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Natural Mango Sorbet


Mango is probably one of the most popular fruit in every family. Ripe mangoes, mango smoothies, or more sophisticated dish like cakes with mangoes are often used as desserts or snacks. But mango sorbet, a delicious and cool dessert, must be difficult to make.

Laciôté's mango sorbet is made from fresh mangoes. Mango sorbet belongs to our sorbet collection, without milk in ingredients, so the mango taste is still fresh and sweet in the sorbet.



Laciôté would like to introduce artisanal mango sorbet of 450ml and 110ml boxes, with a small wooden spoon.



You can try free ice cream at our shops. For placing order, simply call or inbox us or choose the ice cream flavors on our website: We've got quick delivery service, around 30' - 60', within HCMC.

Products of Laciôté, a brand managed by Laciote Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

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